Angel Baby Memorial Christmas Ornament

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As I remembered our Son & Brother one Christmas, this quote came to mind and it's one of my favourites.
So I designed this beautiful memorial ornament to bring his Grandma and our family some comfort on our 3rd year without him here with us.

Personalize your own to remember your Angel baby.

This large disc measures 3" across and hangs on a decorative wire hanger made by myself. It includes a gold plated genuine Swarovski channel set birthstone.

You can personalize this piece with the words you'd like after "our sweet"
Sister & Daughter

Please leave the following in the "add a note to your order" on your cart page:
The word(s) you'd like after "our sweet"
Birth month for birthstone
Their name(s) you'd like.
The Year (optional)

Thank you and I hope that this beautiful ornament will help to bring you and your family some comfort.
I am honored to stamp your loved one's name.

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