Rangeland Roots is a collection of handmade ARTisan designs inspired by my crazy road of love, grief, the little adventures of life and my belief that "these are the days." With something for everyone from Grandmas to the wild spirit, every piece is proudly handmade in Southern Alberta. Each piece is hand stamped one letter and image at a time with a hammer. 

I grew up on the beautiful rangelands in the Lethbridge area hence the name "Rangeland Roots." In 2012 after the loss of our infant Son, Samuel, I began to stamp as a volunteer creating gifts for other parents who were walking a similar road of grief. What started as a grief outlet quickly became a hobby by collecting a few metal blanks, stamps and findings in a tackle box my boys gifted me for Christmas one year. A few years later, it has become so much more by allowing me more family time as I work from home, continues to serve as therapy for me and allows me some alone time to be the creative person I never thought I'd be.

I'm looking forward to growing my business this year as I pour my heart into creating little pieces of art inspired by profound moments that matter most to my customers.

As always, feel free to message me with any questions you have. 

Thank you for supporting my dream and shopping small!